Learn Elixir with in depth screencasts from language basics to advanced topics on concurrency, OTP etc. Pricing at $18 one time fee.

Topics Covered

(as of 1st Dec 2015)

Language Basics [x] Introduction [x] Data Types [x] Operators (esp. =) (IEx) [x] Modules and functions [x] Control Flow (if, unless, case, cond, patterns, guards) [x] Recursion [x] Enum & Stream [x] Comprehensions (for) [x] Sigils (short episode)

Project Organization [x] Mix build tool [x] Hex dependency management [x] ExUnit Concurrency [x] Processes (spawning, linking, monitoring, messaging) [x] OTP: GenServer [x] OTP: Supervisor Trees [x] OTP: Applications [x] Abstractions: Task & Agent [x] Nodes

Advanced Elixir [x] Protocols (Including notable stdlib protocols) [x] Behaviours (differences between behaviours and protocols) [x] Exceptions [ ] Macros (long episode) [ ] Binary Pattern Matching

Appendixes [ ] GenEvent [ ] Typespecs & Dialyzer [ ] Deployment [ ] :observer - debugging